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One thing I wish I would have done more of this past year during quarantine is read more books.  While I did read books I could have read a lot more and binged Netflix less. 

Nonetheless, I did the read following books which I think you’ll enjoy as they’re uplifting and easy to read books.  So you can read some books and still binge-watch your fav show.

These are all positive, self-empowerment, and affirmation-type books. All of which we need in today’s world, pandemic or not.  

This easy to read in one sitting 140-page book focuses on words of encouragement and self-empowerment.  With easily digestible pages on topics like Setting Boundaries, Practicing Mindful Social Media, Embracing all your emotions, and even Body Positivity.  Perhaps one the question I found worth reflecting on was Ask How I Could Not? 

How could you not go for that promotion, how could you not go do something you’ve been thinking about?  

This is a great little book to give as a gift or even a stocking stuffer if it’s that time of year.  Perfect words of wisdom and self-reflection anyone can enjoy.  Again this is an easy-to-read book. It took me about 20 minutes to read it all.  

The contents of the book are right in the title.  200 positive and make you feel good affirmations.  This is another easy-to-read lift-you-up type of book.  With one to two affirmations per page, you can read a few pages on your way out the door for a quick pick me up or read it on one sitting in about 30 minutes or less.  Some of the affirmations go into more detail rather than offering just a simple one-line affirmation.

Don’t let this short book of 208 pages fool you. It has great affirmations like “I support my body in a loving way” to “It is safe to enjoy my life” this one definitely spoke to me.  There are simple affirmations and ones that make you stop and think and reflect.  

It may seem like some of these are simple and obvious affirmations.  However, we easily forget to be mindful of the simple things.

I can!

I can feel good more often. I can be happy if I want to. I can create a good life for myself. I can embrace more joy. I can practice more optimism. I can be radiant. I can enjoy more miracles. I can enjoy being me. 

Kelsey Aida Roualdes

Do you think self-care is going to the spa and spending all day being pampered? Sure, that sounds awesome, but who has time for that on a routine basis?  If you do, that’s just amazing, but most of us struggle to find that time to care for ourselves.  Or to find the mindset that we are worth that time.

This pocket self-care book gives you 167 pages of real-life ways to incorporate self-care daily. Part of being able to do this realize you may already be doing some of these activities.

For example, expand your vocabulary, listen to water sounds, sip on tea, meditate, or listen to wind chimes.  Each activity is broken down into more details in 1-2 paragraphs.  

The book is broken up into 3 sections, Mind, Body, and Spirit.  You can jump around the book and read what speaks to you.  As with the other books listed here, this is not a chapter book that must be read in order.  Feel free to start where you like. 

There is an entire My Pocket series of books you may want to check out. They include My Pocket Meditations, Mantras, Guru, Gratitude, Yoga.  I haven’t read all of these, so I’m not able to offer my review of them, but if they’re like the My Pocket Self-Care, I think you’ll get an easy-to-use guidebook on all of these topics while only needing 45 minutes to read in one sitting or read a few pages in a few minutes. 

All three of these easy-to-read books are great for everyday reads with your coffee, tea, or if you need a little boost in your day.  

Do you have 5-10 minutes to read some great and thought-generating affirmations and self-care activities? 

Yes, then you will benefit from one or all of these books.  These are also great gift-giving books for your family and friends.  Take some time out and enjoy a book or two. I enjoyed reading these books and felt better afterward, too!

Happy reading.

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2020's Easy Money Making Strategies - Register now!