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In the world of manga, there are literally millions of variations out there and a significant fan base to read them all. The thing that originated from Japan around the 18th century is now spread all over the world and is still growing. Manga or Anime, they both may be entirely different things, but they both share some of the titles that made shit loads of money, and if you aren’t even a regular reader, you might have heard the name of them at least once as they are all over the internet. Or you might have seen them in one of the cosplay conventions as each year, there are many conventions that take place around the globe. Speaking of cosplay, the Akatsuki costume is the most seen one to witness at any sort of cosplay convention.

5: Beyblade

Who doesn’t love to read about the spiritual creatures, following a passion, teamwork, and most importantly, friendship? The manga version of Beyblade has one of the enjoyable storylines in the entire manga offerings. The franchise has been kept alive by the bladers; even after 22 years, there are still some communities that have the burst bey stadium and have all kinds of Beyblade and have fun with their Beyblades.

If you have watched the anime series but haven’t read the manga version, believe me, you are missing out on a lot of great stuff. Its Manga Saga earned about 150 million, and it was released in the early 1990s, and the last volume was published in the late 2004s; if its amazing earnings can’t make you pick up the Manga saga, then I don’t know what can convince you to just pick it up.

4: Attack on Titans

If you are more of a dramatic and epic manga reader, then look no further. Attack on Titans is just the thing for you. This is the most recent addition in the manga franchise, as it’s still an ongoing manga with four volumes and more to come. The captivating storyline of the manga has kept the reader onboard.

According to the officials, this saga has earned about 201 million yen (about 75 million USD); this show will likely shatter your heart as many personas sacrifice their lives for the greater good of humanity. AOT is one of the most grossing anime and manga of 2021 and worth each second of your read.

3: Death Note

The best way to describe this grossing series is, it’s the darkest manga that a manga can be. The complex, unique and compelling storyline of this anime will definitely keep you reading more and more. The sequel consists of 12 volumes, the first-ever was released in 2003, and the 14th volume was released in 2006. Since its anime series, it has been among the most popular anime of all time.

The dark thing about death note is to imagine that it can kill a person just by writing his/her name on a notebook that belongs to the God of Death, Ryuk. Even though Yagami tried his best to cleanse the world by killing all the criminals, the police discovered the unusual serial killing and arrested the culprit behind these mysterious murders, and an eccentric young detective helped them a lot to do so.

2: Naruto

You may see enthusiasts walking the street looking for the Akatsuki Leather Jacket. The ninja master of the era has been one of the most popular manga titles all over the world. The amazing featuring techniques in both the manga and anime series won the hearts of many readers and viewers. Naruto is a name that isn’t new to any age. If there is an anime or manga that has managed to help in the growth of the community and earned a significant chunk of money from its success is Naruto. With all the ninja weapons, stealth attacks, unique fighting styles, different characters, unbeatable villains, and whatnot, this show is the best anime to watch and the best manga to read in your life span.

Being such an amazing manga and anime, it has earned about 10 billion dollars. Yeah! 10 billion dollars, this figure is the total amount that includes the profits from every aspect, and the most amazing figure is their profit from the Manga series, which is 6.53 billion dollars. As anime has the biggest costume trends around the globe, the Naruto Akatsuki Jacket is a piece of attire that is mostly worn by cosplayers at conventions.

1: Dragon Ball Z

Manga or Anime, Dragon Ball Z is a title that’s been the most adventurous anime that can bring pure nostalgia. The beloved childhood favorite series hit the big picture in the year 1989, and since then, it became Japan’s biggest franchise. 1989, the year where it all began. The show still has a special piece of our hearts since our childhood. Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime, an awesome 90s hit not only in Japan but all over the world, one of the very few that received an English dub. This anime is one of those classics that if you ever have watched this amazing series in your childhood and still to this day when you see an episode while surfing on the TV channels or web browsing you just can’t help yourself to ignore that.

In the industry of Manga, Dragon Ball Z tops the chart with earnings of 27 Billion Dollars. Cosplay events, Anime Conventions it’s always all over the place. Talking about the amazing numbers, the Merchandise sales alone made a profit of 7.687 Billion Dollars, and the ever-favorite manga magazines — brought the amount of 7.025 Billion dollars.

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2020's Easy Money Making Strategies - Register now!