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Err..🤔😤 I am totally confused its Yanny,Yeaai,Yikes,Laura,Launda or Laurel i don’t know but There are a few partial explanations for how Yanny and Laurel became 2018’s version of “the dress,” which similarly tore the internet apart three years ago. The now-infamous audio recording itself originated on the resource website Vocabulary.com, under the entry for “laurel,” defined as a “wreath worn on the head, usually as a symbol of victory.” And a number of publications have traced the meme back to Reddit, where the user RolandCamry posted it to the subreddit r/blackmagicfuckery, a forum for discussing unbelievable natural phenomena. The meme was then picked up on Twitter by Cloe Feldman, a popular YouTuber with over 610,000 subscribers.

Because the internet is a place where opinions are given equal weight, some generous people have tried to understand what would cause an ostensibly logical person to think they’re hearing “Yanny” — and the answer seems to boil down to frequency. According to a theory posited by one redditor, what you hear depends on the amount of bass that’s being produced from the device you’re listening on.

By manipulating audio and changing the pitch of the voice, we upstanding citizens who hear “Laurel” can, for brief seconds, hear what the world sounds like through the ears of a maniac.

But even though the generosity of these strangers is proof that the internet is an open and weird and great place where we can connect with people who don’t see or hear the world the way we might, the voice is clearly saying “Laurel.”

The audio clip originated from a 2007 recording of the word “Laurel” from Vocabulary.com.The spread of the audio clip as an illusion most likely originated from a student of Flowery Branch High School when she posted the illusion on Instagram on May 11, 2018. The illusion reached further popularity when the student’s friend posted it on Reddit the next day.It was picked up by YouTuber Cloe Feldman on her Twitter account.Notable individuals who responded to the auditory illusion included Ellen Degeneres, Stephen King, and Chrissy Teigen.Yanni and Laurel Halo, whose names are similar to those given in the auditory illusion, also responded.According to The Guardian, the clip was the most divisive subject on the internet since the gold/blue dress controversy in 2015. Later, the team at Vocabulary.com added a separate entry for the word “Yanny”

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