People mourn the deceased after gunmen in southwestern Pakistan killed at least 11 workers at a remote coal mine.

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33 Replies to “Gunmen kill 11 Hazara miners in southwest Pakistan | World News | WION News”

  1. داعش نے ہزارہ کے قتل عام کی ذمہ داری قبول کی ہے۔ انڈیا داعش کو پیسے دیکر پاکستان میں دہشتگردی کروا رہا ہے۔ تمام ایسی مشتبہ جماعتوں کی اکاؤنٹ کی مستقلن چھان بین کا سسٹم بناکر اینٹی دہشت گردی سیل کے ذریعے نافذ کرکے انکا قلع قمع فوری کیا جاۓ ورنہ یہ داعش پاکستان میں تباہی پھیر دیں گے۔عمان خان اور شیخ رشید توجہ دیں۔

  2. Pakistan India are supporting Taliban-like regional terrorist groups against NATO's presence and to expand their sinister regional agendas, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Afghanistan alone. Their intelligence agencies are well infiltrated all over the world and are mostly behind every single act of violence in the region. India Pakistan don't dare to confront and anger US and Europe, they only take on weak vulnerable and minorities like the Baloch Pashtun Hazara people and countries like Afghanistan or Nepal.

  3. I am also from Quetta & 6 months ago crowd of 400 hazaras killed 3 young 18 years old boys because of they were sunni not shia & because of they were thinking that these boys were sitting on the road & were taking pictures of hazara womens which was later declared a mistake & police men which were also hazaras they were helping the crowd to kill those boys. These hazaras brutally killed those 3 young boys with stones & they cutted their sexual organs & put their dead bodies on the road without clothes. Where was this media at that time? where was these authorities at that time? Why these hazaras kills sunnis all the time & when they are attacked they alwasy block roads & damages everyones property.

  4. Well I am sorry to see the deaths of those innocents but oh wait what about ISI killing Taliban killing innocents in Afghanistan? Kashmir ?

  5. مجرموں کو فی الفور قانون کے مطابق سزا دی جائے۔ انھیں سامنے لایا جائے۔ آخر کب تک عوام اپنے پياروں کی لاشیں اٹھاتے رہیں گے

  6. Free Balochistan. Freedom to sindhudesh. Freedom to lahore &karachi as it's willing to join india. Anyway remaining region Islamabad is chinese province. Pakistan is a failed state but it's super power 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Shameful acts of ignorance. Vile hatred. Murder of innocents. Sending love and sympathy to the families for their loss and pain. Much love.

  8. More minorities killed in Paxtan; so what's new? Despite all these facts those opposing CAA in India will continue with their campaign.

  9. Innocents are bieng killed… So sad… Balochistan should be free and independent…
    Pak is exploiting Balochis, Hazaras, pashtos, Baltistanis et,c….
    United Nation is sleeping????

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