17 Replies to “Netflix on Edge on HoloLens”

  1. this video like all the other hololens videos is a misleading lie. the field of view only allows a very small window. the programs displayed in the peripheral view would not be visible. you only get a window the size of a postcard held at arms length in the middle of your field of view. everything outside this area is not viewable until your looking directly at it. you cant tell where most of the programs are as there is no peripheral vision to clue you in to where things are outside the small rendered box in the middle of your field of view.

  2. even if its a smaller window like people are saying, still impressed. and its obviously not the final product so everyone complaining that the videos are misleading, are so very irrelevant.

  3. So exaggerated. You will not be able to have any peripheral AR vision with Holo Lens. It's a 4 by 2 inch window that you can look through the visor. These videos are so misleading.

    Reminds me of how overblown the first Kinect videos were.

  4. Looks like the light in the room is pretty good, there is also direct sun light to the room, which means HoloLens has no problem in good lighting. Have you tried it outdoor? Also looks like black hologram indeed projected on top of light background, is that real?

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