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I remember when I first came to know about Reiki symbols. My mom had gone to a Reiki session and she told me that the Reiki practitioner came up behind her and placed some symbols on her and told me how she felt an inexplicable heat and the power of the energy being transmitted. I was very excited and intrigued by this experience. And this experience created in me very high expectations about the power of symbols.

Years later I did my attunement in Reiki level 1. When practicing Reiki on myself I felt suspicious that I could be transmitting energy. I hadn’t felt anything special during the attunement and I doubted it would have happened well. I did not feel that I was transmitting heat with my hands. And although I doubted myself, some people told me that they felt intense sensations when I placed my hands near them. So I went on to get to level 2 with the expectation that the symbols would change everything.

And on the second attunement, I didn’t feel a moving experience either. It wasn’t even close to what my mother had told me about her Reiki session. I was confident that I was on the right track because my Reiki teacher was excellent at healing me.

When we got to the symbols I had a series of accumulated feelings about them. The expectation that I had generated years ago. Processing that they were sacred and secret and that I couldn’t write them down anywhere gave me a little more anxiety. In addition to the difficulty to memorize them and not being able to have them written. In addition to this, my teacher recommended that I use them carefully as if the energy was going to be wasted by using them a lot, at least that’s how I understood it.

The Journey to Reiki Symbols

When I was able to learn how to draw them I started to use them, expecting that sensation of energy that they had told me about and I did not feel it. And yet I never stopped trusting, I kept practicing and began to feel warmth in my hands and the people who received Reiki told me how they felt the experiences with gratitude, they felt how the energy flowed and how they healed, even if it was only a contracture in the neck.

It took 10 years until my path brought me another Reiki teacher with whom I took level 3 (which in my case was not the master level). This time, my teacher did not want to teach me anything, she wanted to heal me. And in her humble attitude, she gave me the most valuable lessons. During the attunement, I felt surrounded by high-frequency energy and accompanied by the spirit of my mother and by so many guides who wonderfully presented themselves.

After level 3 attunement I felt the practice of Reiki on a more spiritual and not so practical level and this allowed me to perceive, channel, and enjoy the energy differently. In the case of symbols, my journey led me to give them greater respect.

This respect was not about using them little so as not to spend or waste them, nor was it about them being secret and that no one who was not a Reiki practitioner could see them (without contradicting the consideration that they are secret), but it is something deeper. It is about being fully present when we use them, to contemplate the moment and the energy, to draw them with attention and gratitude. It means that when you are drawing them you are drawing something sacred, calling on sacred energy, which is also your own energy. Putting in each stroke that attitude of gratitude, contemplation, and serenity. It could be compared to the loving attitude of a mother taking care of her little baby just arrived in the world. A small symbol, brought with love, that is allowed to unfold, grow and do its magic.

And in this act of respect when drawing them, a state of connection with the energy is achieved, which allows us to feel the energy transmitted by the symbol, the transmutation of the energy in the person who receives it. But this was my own path. Find the wonders on your way.

Infinite love

Article by Magalí Giménez

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I am Magalí, I am a Molecular Biologist, I have a PhD in Biological Sciences, I specialize in plant genetics and epigenetics.
I am a Master in Usui Reiki and level two Karuna Reiki®. I am a reader and healer of Akashic Registers.
You can contact me at magalienergy@gmail.com

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