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I don’t believe that things magically change from one year to the next but I do believe in harnessing the power of the new year, new energy vibe (although that belief may have been sorely tested this year!).

Anyone else look back on their goals or their word for 2020 and fall over laughing? Because if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry? Yep me too.

Also bringing the laughs: the 2021 memes doing the rounds on social media. Here’s just a sample:

Nobody claim 2021 as “your year”, ok? We’re all going to walk in realll slow. Be quiet. Be good. Don’t. Touch. Anything.

Before I agree to 2021, I’m going to need to see some terms and conditions.

What if 2021 is just a trailer for 2020?

First rule of 2021: never talk about 2020.

Laughs aside – and yes I do believe we need many laughs in our lives – I’m a glass-half-full girl, so, yes, I’m sitting down to map out my goals and plan for a 2021. I’m harnessing the new year, new energy just as I’ve done in other years.

I’ve learned over the years that you don’t need to over-complicate this process. Below are the three basic things I do – and write down at the end of each year. I’m someone who loves new stationery and planners but writing this in the Notes app of your phone is just as effective. 

  1. Reflect back on the year gone and write down everything you’re grateful for – or the things that brought you little points of light in a sh*&Tshow of a year. Do this stream of consciousness style, without over-thinking it. 
  2. When it comes to goals, decide on the categories of your life that mean the most to you in 2021, for eg work, finance, health, family, friends, home. To keep things realistic and achievable, I like to focus on one thing in each of my chosen categories. This might leave me with four things I really want to give energy to and work on. 
  3. Set your intention for the year through one word – or a short phrase. This word might come to you from writing your goals. It’s typically a word that will evoke a feeling in you – and something you can come back to to re-set your intention throughout the year.
new year, new energy - how to set goals for 2021 This was one of the moments that brought me a little point of light in 2020: visiting my son in his Sydney home after nine months apart. Dress is Binny; sneakers FRANKiE4 Footwear ADELAiDE white/red.

I think we can get too bogged down in thinking goal setting needs to be a massive project, so we get paralysed by the fact that we’re adding another job to our never-ending to-do list. We can also think it doesn’t count if you don’t do them before the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. For many people still on holidays throughout January, setting goals just before life returns to some kind of routine is a much better option.

Maybe goal setting is not for you. That’s very ok.

Be you; do you, I always say.

What I do know, for me, is that when I do this goal setting process, it eases my mind and corrals the daily and weekly mental load into something more manageable. While I may be an organised person and a planner by nature, this year has shown me I can’t plan for everything or control the uncontrollable. What I can do is focus on what’s truly important. 

So, tell me, do you set goals? I’d also love you to please share in the comments one thing that brought you a little point of light in 2020.

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2020's Easy Money Making Strategies - Register now!