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Hemifacial Spasm is a nervous system disorder characterised by involuntary twitching of  muscles on one side of the face. These result from irritation of the facial nerve that causes involuntary muscle contraction. Another name for these spasms is tic convulsif. Homeopathic remedies for hemifacial spasm help in relaxing the muscles and provide relief in this condition.hemifacial spasm

Initially there occurs twitching of the eyelid, mouth or cheek muscles and with time these spread to other areas of the face and in some cases the entire face.


The facial muscles are under the control of the facial nerve. This nerve carries signals from the brain to facial muscles to cause its contraction or relaxation. But if something causes irritation of this nerve or puts pressure on this nerve, then it can affect the nerve signals that are being carried to the face. Then it can lead to twitching or contraction of muscle at other times when they are not supposed to contract. 

Mostly it arises when a blood vessel touches a facial nerve. Other than this it may also happen from a tumour putting pressure on this nerve. Also, injury or damage to the facial nerve may also be a cause.

In many cases there is no specific cause. 

In very rare cases it may be an initial symptom of multiple sclerosis (An autoimmune system in which the immune cells attacks and damages the myelin sheath that covers nerve fibers).

Both males and females can be affected with hemifacial spasm. But mostly women above the age of 40 years are affected with it.


The main symptom is involuntarily twitching of muscles on one side of the face. They mostly start in the eyelid known as blepharospasm. The intensity varies and in starting mostly these are mild twitches and with advancing time can become more severe. In severe cases they may cause complete closing of the eye from spasm. Anxiety and tiredness tend to worsen the twitching. Initially the twitches tend to come and go but with time they may become continuous. 

Afterwards the twitching involves other areas of the face of the same side. These include cheeks, eyebrow, parts around the mouth, lips, jaw, chin and upper part of the neck. The spasm may pull the mouth to one side. 

Sometimes these twitches involve all the muscles on the entire one side of the face. The spasms may also occur during sleep. The left side of the face is usually more affected as compared to the right side.

Some symptoms that can accompany are pain in ear usually behind the ears, ringing noises in ear and difficulty in hearing.


These spasms are characterised under two forms – typical and atypical form. These spasms are said to be typical when the spasm starts in the eyelid and afterwards spreads to the lower part of the face.

In case of atypical form the spasm begins in the cheek bone area and then spreads to the eyelids.

Homeopathic Remedies for Hemifacial Spasm

Homeopathic medicines are very effective in managing cases of hemifacial spasm. With its use the intensity and frequency of complaint reduces gradually. These medicines are prepared from naturally occurring substances so are very safe and gentle to use. These treat this condition in a very natural way without any side effects. The best suitable homeopathic medicine for a case is selected after detailed case analysis in every individual case. 

  1. Zincum Met – Top Grade Medicine

It is a leading medicine for managing cases of hemifacial spasm. It is beneficial when there is twitching of the lower lid of the left side. It is also helpful for managing jerking in the left eyebrow. Next it works well when there is spasms and twitching of muscles of the face. Twitching in the upper lip on the left side is another symptom calling for its use.

  1. Agaricus – Another Effective Medicine

It is another good remedy for managing these cases. Firstly it is indicated when there is twitching in the eyelids. Eyelids jerk and twitch. It is frequent. With spasm watering may occur from eyes. Secondly it is indicated for facial muscles twitching. Here twitching specifically of the right cheek is indicative for using it.

  1. Cuprum Met – For Spasm in Eyelids and Jaw

It is the next important medicine for managing spasms in various body parts. In cases needing it frequent twitching of eyelids specifically on the left side predominate. Next there may be spasm in jaw muscles where it is required. 

  1. Causticum – For Eyelid and Facial Muscle Twitching

This medicine also has a marked action on the nerves and muscles. It offers help to manage twitching of eyelids. Other than this it proves effective in cases where twitching of muscles of the face especially on the left side is present.

  1. Opium – For Facial Twitching at Corners of Mouth

Its use is highly recommended for managing the twitching at the corners of mouth. The mouth may appear distorted with this. Its use may also be done in twitching of other facial muscles. There occurs spasmodic motion of facial muscles with trembling in such cases. 

  1. Mygale – For Constant Twitching of Face

This is another highly valuable medicine for these cases. Its use is considered when there is constant twitching of muscles of the face. As per homeopathic literature this medicine has proved effective in curing many cases of twitching and contractions of facial muscles.

  1. Magnesium Phos – For Twitching of Eyelid and Corner of Mouth

It is a very helpful medicine for managing complaints related to muscles, one among them is spasm, twitching of muscles. It proves effective when there is spasm of eyelids. It is also useful for twitching of corners / angles of mouth.

  1. Physostigma – For Twitching Lids and Eyes

It is a natural medicine prepared from beans of plant Physostigma venenosum having the common name Calabar Bean. It belongs to family leguminosae. It is well indicated for treating twitching of muscle of eyelid and around the eyes. It also helps cases where spasms in the face are there that extends to the neck.

  1. Ignatia – For Twitching of Eyelids, Lips

This medicine is prepared from seeds of a plant Ignatia Amara commonly known as St. Ignatius Bean. It belongs to the family loganiaceae. This medicine is prominent to manage twitching of the eyelids and lips. Other than this it also helps when there occur twitching of corners of mouth. Last indication for using it is spasm in the cheek. 

  1. Cubeba – For Twitching of One Side of Mouth when Speaking or Smiling

It is prepared from dried unripe fruit of plant Cubeba Officinalis having the common name Piper cubeba. It belongs to the family piperaceae. It is specifically indicated when there occur twitching on one side of mouth when speaking or smiling.

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