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Vikas Gupta, unfortunately, had to leave the Bigg Boss 14 house owing to ill health. Meanwhile, four candidates will soon be fighting it out for captaincy.

6.30 pm: Arshi asks Vikas about the camera but he doesn’t believe her while stating that she’ll flip. Meanwhile, she talks to Aly about the game.

6.45 pm: Eijaz keeps looking for the camera but to no avail. Bigg Boss interrupts in between and reprimands the housemates for going to each other’s rooftops. 

7.00 pm: Rakhi and Abhinav flirt with each other. Meanwhile, Nikki asks Abhinav to try wooing Rakhi. Meanwhile, Rahul tries to convince Arshi to support his side. On the other hand, Abhi asks Rakhi to come to his team’s side while stating that he will save her whenever possible. She goes to his side post which Arshi also switches her side. 

7.45 pm: Bigg Boss confronts the housemates again for going to each other’s rooftops post which the captaincy task is declared canceled.  

9.00 pm: Abhinav gets into an argument with Rahul. 

9.15 pm: Aly hilariously pulls Sonali’s leg post which Rakhi praises her beauty.

10.15 pm: Vikas suddenly feels unwell and says that the lower part of his face is paining. He also adds that he is finding it difficult to breathe. Aly, Rubina, and Nikki try consoling him post which he is called to the medical room. 

11.15 pm: Aly, Rakhi, Arshi, and Nikki discuss Vikas’ health. 

12.00 am: All the housemates are called to the living room which makes them speculate that Vikas is gone. Bigg Boss informs them that Vikas is unwell and that he will have to remain under the doctor’s supervision for 24 hours for the next few days. Arshi and Rakhi break down after the same. 

12.15 am: Arshi says that she didn’t know Vikas was unwell and that he was just pretending. Sonali says that she knew about Vikas’ health. Rakhi also breaks down and prays for Vikas to get well soon.

8.00 am: The housemates wake up and dance to an energetic soon. 

10.15 am: Rubina advises Abhinav not to poke Rahul for a fight after whatever happened between the two in the morning. 

10.30 am: Arshi comes and passes comments on Eijaz and Nikki but they choose to ignore her. She then alleges Eijaz disrespected her. Aly and Rahul reprimand her for poking him. 

11.30 am: The housemates are given another chance to win captaincy. Either of them have to go and spray self’s photo black which means s/he has opted out of this week’s captaincy. That same person will also nominate another one for captaincy.

5.45 pm: Rahul asks Nikki what’s in her mind but she refuses to open her cards. 

6.00 pm: Arshi tells Sonali that Eijaz doesn’t matter for her and that if she gets immunity she will save her. The other housemates also talk about each other’s alliances. 

6.15 pm: Sonali asks Eijaz to save her. The buzzer rings and Rakhi opts out while nominating Abhinav for captaincy. 

6.30 pm: With the second buzzer, Aly opts out and nominates Rahul for captaincy. Rakhi and Abhinav discuss how a few of the housemates taunted her when she was the captain and that the same people are siding with her now. Sonali asks Arshi to sacrifice for Eijaz. 

6.45 pm: Rakhi tries to clear things out with Aly regarding his previous ‘Bua’ comment now. 

7.00 pm: Rubina opts out of captaincy and nominates Nikki for captaincy. 

7.15 pm: Rubina and Abhinav convince Arshi to come forward for captaincy and ask Sonali not to choose Eijaz over her. Sonali asks Arshi to nominate her for captaincy and Rakhi agrees to it. But this leads to an altercation between the latter and Arshi. 

7.45 pm: The buzzer rings again and Arshi asks Eijaz if he will favour her given that he becomes the captain. She then decides not to do the task. However, after a little convincing, Arshi opts out of captaincy while nominating Eijaz for the same. Abhinav, Rahul, Nikki, and Eijaz become the candidates for captaincy.

8.30 pm: The captaincy nominees are given a chance to get a hair spa at home or choose others for the same. 

10.30 am: Rubina and Abhinav discuss Rakhi’s tantrums. Meanwhile, the latter suddenly breaks down. 

10.45 am: Bigg Boss sends certain items instead of poultry inside the house. However, Rubina says that they are strictly for breakfast. Later on, chaos ensues as the housemates can’t decide how to divide them. Rubi shows concern stating that overeating would upset their stomachs but many of them burst out at her over the same, especially Eijaz. 

11.15 am: Rubina tries explaining that she was just showing concern for the rest of the housemates. Nikki then tells her that she doesn’t want to repeat the same stuff again. In the midst of all this, Eijaz and Rubina get into a fight with each other. He then gives her a high five when she shows him her hand. This angers Rubi and Abhinav too who then warns Eijaz not to come nearby her. Rahul tells Eijaz that Rubina’s concern looks like an order. Meanwhile, the latter goes inside and breaks down. Abhinav tries to console her while she states that everyone is being disrespectful to her. 

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