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Banned Chinese Apps Complete List

India Has Banned 59 Chinese Applications Or Apps As They’re Called In One Move Some Of The Biggest Digital Businesses Of China Have Lost Access To One Of The Largest Or Perhaps The Largest Market For Internet Users In The World.

India Government Said That These Apps Are Engaged In Activities That Are Prejudicial To The Sovereignty And Integrity Of India. Basically There Are Security Concerns India’s Defense Security And Public Order Were Under Threat. Government Has Said That The Move Will Safeguard The Interest Of Millions Of Indian Internet Users And This Is A Very Big Move Unprecedented In Recent History The Implications Cannot Be Overstated. Let’s Look At What This Means, First Of All This Is A Very Strong Message To China And Very Clear India Has Drawn The Battle Lines. This Is A Digital Retaliation Even As The Standoff On The Ground Continues The Two Countries Will Have To Face Off On Multiple Fronts And India Is Striking On The Digital Front. 

1. India Has More Than 574 Million Active Internet Users. It’s Among The Largest And Fastest Growing Markets For Digital Consumers In The World And Now Top Chinese Applications Are No Longer Welcome To India. They Don’t Have Access To This Growing Market.

2. What India Has Hit At Is China’s Soft Power. These Apps Have A Lot Of Reach China Views Technology As Its Stairway To Becoming A Superpower And Banning Chinese Apps Will Mean Nipping This Ambition In The Bud.

3. This Is A Major Blow To China’s Digital Silk Route Ambitions Some Of The Top Chinese Apps Will Lose A Major User Base And Business According To Estimates.

This Move Could Erode Millions Of Dollars From Company Valuations That’s How Big The Indian Market Was 10% Of Tik Tok’s Revenue Comes From India. Tik Tok Has A Total Of 120 Million Monthly Active Users In India. It’s Sister Company Just A Brand Halo They’re Both Owned By One Company. Now Halo Has 50 Million Monthly Active Users In India And The Number Was Growing. The Numbers For Bigo Live 22 Million. Shein Has 1 Million Active Users In India In January This Year. Club Factory Crossed The 100 Million Mark 100 Million Monthly Active Users In India Gone Most Of These Apps Were Already Facing The Brunt Of The Boycott China Waive Tik Tok’s Downloads Fell 5% From April To May And 38 From May To June 22. The Consumers Were Rejecting These Apps.

Now India Is Not The Only Country That’s Raising Concerns About Chinese Technology And Chinese Apps. Huawei Remember It’s Something We Have Been Reporting About It Has Long Been Synonymous With Pla Spying It’s Been Seen As A Pla Mall As Early As 2017. Weibo Wechat And Baidu Were Being Investigated For Breaching Cyber Security Laws In 2018. The U.s Council On Foreign Relations Pointed At The Link Between The Chinese Community Communist Party And Baidu And Tencent The Same Year Australia Instructed Its Armed Forces To Not Use Chinese Messaging App Wechat In 2019. 

America Started Investigating Tik Tok Earlier This Year Tik Tok Was Caught Spying On Iphone Users Reports Also Claimed That Chinese Apps Like Beauty Plus Were Stealing Data From Users. India’s Digital Retaliation Comes Weeks After The Galvan Clash. Chinese Apps Have Already Been Shown The Door Boycott. China Is Something That Has Been Trending In India As India Shuts Its Market To Top Chinese Apps. The Question Is Will More Countries Follow This Move?

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