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Items on YOUR Wish List

1. A diffuser

This one is my favorite (under $100) and this scent is so luxurious. You can get BOTH from Amazon!

2. Golden Goose sneakers

I just shared this post which has A TON of styles link, and outfit ideas. This is my favorite neutral pair right now, this is my favorite fun pair, and this pair is perfect if you don’t like the dirty look.

3. Faux leather leggings

I love my faux leather leggings from Spanx and Commando. I did a comparison post here. If you want more of a legging style with a slight sheen, get Spanx. If you want a true faux leather look legging, get Commando!

4. Fuzzy lounge slippers and skincare splurges

These are my FAVORITE slippers (use code JACKSON20). This pair is also a great alternative and good for wearing outside! Check out these beauty gift guides here and here with splurge-worthy items.

5. Chanel

Rounded up a ton of styles that are pre-loved here!

6. Leather Jacket

I wear this one all the time and it’s currently on sale!

7. Nespresso coffee machine

We have this one and love it! My favorite pods are Scuro, Cosi, and Starbucks Blonde roast.

8. Goyard tote

Check out this post reviewing my Goyard tote and linking a bunch of pre-loved styles. Make sure you get a tote organizer too! Helps to hold its shape and of course keep everything in place.

9. Cashmere wrap scarf

This is SUCH a good one. Definitely worth investing in for holiday

10. Sunglasses

Definitely this pair! The most flattering for any face shape and hold up so well.

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