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What if I tell you that you can create different looks with the same dress and make it look like 7 different dresses? You would certainly get interested because sustainability is the only way ahead. We have to be thoughtful of our resources, our money and what we leave for the future generations.

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Sometimes it gets boring wearing the same clothes again and again and sometimes our bank balance indicates no shopping. Even if we have enough in the bank, why waste money on clothes that we wear just 4 or 5 times….Why not create something new with the existing clothes? So how do we create something new? No, you don’t have to sew and stitch. You just have to take 2-3 different pieces of clothing and mix and match and wear them together. You can now create a new look without too many efforts. 

Here are 7 Ways to style unique looks with just one dress

If you are bored of the normal tops you have then just wear a dress with a lower like pants or skirts or shorts. This way you get unique and new tops to wear without actually shopping for the new ones. This trick works very well with super short dresses. This way the dresses get used too which otherwise will keep on lying in your wardrobe for years.

Source: InStyle

If you have a loose dress that you don’t really like wearing because it’s too huge, wear a belt with it. This can also be considered as a dressing hack. Trust me, that one tiny belt makes a lot of difference to the overall look and this way you also use a dress that is oversized for you.

Source: TD Mercado


If you are bored with same old dresses in your wardrobe, then wear a shrug over a dress. You could use a long shrug or a short one. Both look astounding. If you want new and unique pictures to post on your social media, wear a dress and hang a jacket on your shoulders. It looks super funky.

Source: Jabong

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If you have an indo-western dress, just wear a palazzo or a pyjama underneath and you will rock the look. For a better presentation try and find a matching dupatta too. 

A straight dress and pants make a good outfit. Source : Pinterest

If you have a nice funky scarf, hang it around your neck and let it fall to your waist over a dress and use a belt to secure it from the waist. Your dress will get a very new look with the help of a scarf. 

Source: Panash India

If you have a dress which has spaghetti straps or is off shoulder, you can wear a top over it and the lower part of the dress would look like a skirt. You also get a new combination of a top and skirt with this technique. 

Camabeds.com review
This is a sleeveless dress of mine. I wore a t-shirt over it and made it look like a skirt set.

You can change the look of any dress by simply wearing a scarf around your neck. It is a very tiny element of change but if you notice carefully, it changes the entire attire.

Source: Myntra

Hope you liked my 7 Ways to style unique looks with just one dress. These are some really good techniques that add new looks to your wardrobe with existing clothing. The best part- neither you need more space in your closet nor you need to step out of the house and run to the shopping malls. So now that you know these tricks, do try and make your own combinations and let me know in the comments about some new techniques I can add.

Meanwhile, Stay stylish, Stay confident. 


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