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It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus—or a whole lot of hair dye.

Continuing October’s trend of fresh new colors, several celebrities decided to shake up their looks this week by switching up their hue or cutting their signature locks. 

Camila Cabello decided to be a short-haired senorita for the first time in her life, hacking off several inches of hair. Meanwhile, Ayesha Curry made headlines when she decided to go blonde for fun. And, once again, Halsey decided to rock a bold ‘do just days after teasing that a major change was coming on social media. Plus, Ellen DeGeneres changed up her usual hairstyle, one she had been sporting for several years. 

But one of the biggest transformations of all? The main trio from Hocus Pocus returned to their witchy roots, rocking their infamous Sanderson sister garb for the first time in decades. We truly loved to see them running amok amok amok again.

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