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Hello family! Today I am going to tell you about the 7 New Year Health Resolutions for 2020 because the new year is coming and we all prepare new goals towards health every year and some days follow the rules.

New Year Health Resolutions

But after spending some time, we gradually stop adopting all the rules.

But you will not do this again after reading this article.

Because today I will tell you the tips to stay healthy throughout your life and also show how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the years.

So let’s not waste much time, we come to the main topic –

7 new year health resolutions –

  1. Stay with others

Stay in touch with your friends and family members. Now you will ask me how can you stay healthy by being in touch with friends and family members?

Your question is absolutely correct, but it has been scientifically proved that people who spend more time with their family members and friends, live longer than other people.

Why this happens, I tell you –

Although there are many reasons for this, let me give you some important reasons which help in keeping you healthy.

You feel special when you live with friends.

By sharing your thinking, you reduce your stress hormone significantly, due to which you avoid diseases.

You lose weight, which is considered to be very good for your health.

When you meet people, you feel happy, which activates good hormones in your body.

Here, staying in contact with people does not mean that you use social media, you should not do it at all because it is not going to benefit you, but by doing this you fill yourself with stress.

It has been told in many reports that people who are lacking social bonds do not improve their health soon, then you can understand how beneficial it can be to meet friends.

You can also make new friends with old friends.

2. Focus on balancing the weight –

As far as I know, most of you will be overweight. Because people who have diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc., their weight is often increased (because these things are also in my family members, so don’t feel bad).

You should keep your weight control even if your weight is not increased.

You will also be among those who promise themselves to lose weight every new year, that you will be able to reduce your body weight.

Can you do it – No.

Because you follow a weight loss routine or weight loss program due to a certain day of the new year,

But after a few days when your motivation level is low then you become overweight again, this is the truth.

So now it comes to how you can lose weight –

For this, I share some tips, after which you can reduce your weight quite easily without any extra hard work.

  • Immediately after waking up in the morning, you just watch health, running, or normal motivational video.

Note – You only have to watch ONLY ONE video.

And immediately after that, you do yoga classes, dance classes, gym, running or cycling i.e. any physical activity but definitely do it.

You follow this rule for only 7 days, seeing this will become your habit.

After which you do not need to work hard to lose weight.

I will not ask you to follow these tips for 21 days, because the 21 days method can make you sad.

Therefore, if you do the tips given by me for only 7 days, then you can lose weight in a few days.

  • You should do any physical activity in the morning because exercising at this time speeds up your metabolism, which helps you a lot in fat loss.

If you exercise in the evening, you will neither be able to exercise well nor be mentally prepared due to the fatigue of the whole day.

That’s why according in me, morning time may be best for your exercise.

3. In the new year, make a commitment to yourself that you will not smoke.

Because it not only reduces your age but also gives painful death. That is why you must include it in your healthy resolutions.

Smoking increases the chances of having asthma, cancer, blood pressure, breathing problems, heart problems, facial brightening, dental diseases, etc. are common.

That is why if you want to live a good life then you should immediately quit smoking.

I know it is not easy to quit smoking but not impossible.

It depends on your mind and thinking about whether you want to quit smoking or not.

4. Try to save your money as much as possible –

Because saving money means saving energy because money is earned with hard work.

What can you do for this?

  • Use the cycle instead of the bike to go to your local area, which helps you save money as well as maintain your health.
  • You can buy fresh vegetables from local street vendors.
  • It will help to increase interaction with people, which is very good for your health. That means saving money is also good for your health.

We spend most of the money in places where we do not want to hurt our body, then you can understand that these tips can be very beneficial for you.

Give pain to your body only then you will be healthy.

5. If you want to live your life well then you have to be stress-free.

Without this, you cannot wish for good health because stress is such a dangerous thing that can ruin your good health immediately.

Due to stress, the muscles of the big bodybuilder become loose, so you can understand how dangerous stress can be for you.

Some other healthy tips – 

Staying healthy is not just a weight loss, but keeping the entire body healthy.

6. Try to avoid junk food or fried food – 

Because it is harmful to our healthy body, but still, use it.

If you also eat junk foods etc. then you should avoid all these fried foods.

Are all the snacks sold in the market cooked with healthy oil? Not at all because healthy oils (extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, etc.) are not used in restaurants, they use inexpensive refined oil.

We should think about our health ourselves and not the people who think of us.

That is why you commit to yourself that you will not consume junk foods, oily foods, etc. this year.

Now it comes to how to relieve the addiction to oily foods.

Tips 1 –

According to you, you will eat oily foods only once a week (not twice). Then after one month, you will use junk foods only once in 15 days, then in the next month, you will only use such foods once a month.

By adopting such rules, you will get the benefit that your mind will be under your control and you can reduce your weight very quickly.

Apart from this, you can avoid dangerous diseases like type 2 diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, cholesterol, etc.

You are at any age, this rule will benefit you greatly. –

  1. Improve your diet –

The diet helps 90% to keep you healthy. But this does not mean that you do not exercise or workout.

You get the full benefit of what you eat only when you exercise, only then you are able to digest food in your body.

For this, you should pay attention to the following things –

  1. Use more and more green vegetables.
  2. Use vegetables with half boil.
  3. Keep away from sugar and sweet substances.
  4. Eating whole fruits is more beneficial than drinking fruit juice.
  5. Use olive oil to roast lentils, vegetables or any other dish.
  6. Do not use too much salt in the dish.

All these tips are enough for you because by doing this, you will always be healthy.

Your chances of falling ill will be greatly reduced if a person follows its rules, then he will not die from any disease (maybe due to accident).

And together I would like to tell you that you always keep laughing, it is priceless, no one can price it. If that were the case, everyone would be happy today.

That’s why learn to be happy ?in every situation.

Apart from this, there are many other tips like “a person must drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water a day) etc.

But this article will be much longer.

If you want to know more such tips, you can comment on FitnessWood, because we have many topics on which to share articles.

In shorts ( 7 New Year Health Resolutions for 2020 ) ✍ –

  1. Stay in touch with your friends and relatives.
  2. Keep your weight down.
  3. Keep away from smoking.
  4. Try to save money and spend that money on improving your health.
  5. Protect yourself from stress.
  6. Do not include junk foods, fat-rich foods, sweet drinks, etc. in your diet.
  7. To maintain good health, read healthy books, watch healthy recipes videos, etc. That is, keep improving your diet always.

Finally, I would like to tell you that if you like this article ( 7 New Year Health Resolutions for 2020 ), then you can share it on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest so that this information can be reached to more people.

Love you and always be happy.

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