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Vertical bisector of a line or circle is
important to find in many areas, including the mechanical field, architecture,
or even in space studies. To find the vertical bisector of a line and circle
accurately, there are two methods, including manual and by calculators.

In this article, we will discuss both options,
including some of the best online calculators to find them.

Before you continue to find the methods of calculation,
you should know what the vertical bisector is and what the vertical bisector

What is perpendicular bisector and what are its

Talking about the general meaning
of the perpendicular it means to bisect something into two equal parts like bisecting
a line or a circle. Remember, the perpendicular bisector always happens at the
angle of 90 to make the parts equal.

In the above figure, the line
between the PQ is cut into two equal parts while it’s bisected by the line AB.
This bisection happens at the angle of 90 which makes two equal parts. If the
bisecting line doesn’t cross the PQ at the angle of 90 then this will be known
as the bisector of PQ.

In the above graph, point F is
known as the midpoint of the line PQ while it may become the midpoint of the
line AB if the drawn line is equal to PQ.

The bisector can also cross the
line segments while it can also be a line segment that ends at the midpoint at
shown in the graph below:

Uses of Perpendicular bisector


The architect uses the
perpendicular bisector phenomena to draw maps according to the standard. For
example, if the architect wants to divide the garden into two equal parts then
bisector of the line term can be used.

However, there are more things in
architecture where the bisector is used like placing the space for trees,
interior designing, lighting, and other information.


This is also used in engineering
that is related to aerospace. For example, if you are an engineer at NASA and
your project is to make the make a Fuselage for a spaceship. Now, it looks
circle when you see from one angle while it looks perimeter of a circle from
another angle from where we can see the material used to make. Now, when
dividing the circle through bisector will be easy for making your spaceships

How to calculate the perpendicular bisector

Calculation through manual calculation:

One of the ways of finding the
perpendicular bisector is manual and here is the way:

  1. Measure
    the midpoint of the line:
    This is the first step where you have to
    mention the two points along a line and these points with x and y,
    respectively. Now use the following formula:

[(x1 + x2)/2, (y1 + y2)/2]

This way, you get the average of
the points x and y coordinates which will tell you the midpoint of the line.

  • Getting
    slope of the two points:
    After you get the midpoint, you need to find
    the slope of the two points and the following formula will be used to get the
    slope of the two points:

(y2 –
y1) / (x2 – x1)

The slope of the line means to
find the distance of the line that is vertical after the distance of the
horizontal line gets changed.

  • Go
    for getting the negative reciprocal of this slop:
    After getting the
    slope of the two points, you need to find the negative reciprocal of this slope
    for two points. It’s easy as you just need to find the reciprocal and change
    the sign of the slope. Through flipping the x and y coordinates and changing
    the sign, you get the reciprocal of the slope.

For example, if the slope of the
two points is ½ then the negative reciprocal would be -2.

  • Find
    the equation of the line:
    The general equation of the line is: y=mx
    + b,
    and by putting the value of slope in the position of m and putting the
    value of x and y, you will obtain the value of b. Once you get the value of b, put
    the value of slope and b to get the equation of the line. This equation of the
    line is the perpendicular bisector of the two points.

Calculation through online calculators:

Another way of finding the
perpendicular bisector of a line or a circle is through online calculators. Numerous
online calculators are available for free that would help you to find the
bisector. Below are some of the online calculator that is leading the market
for finding this solution:

1.    Meracalculator.com

Meracalculator is an online and
free tool for finding math and other educational equations. The perpendicular
bisector equation calculator by Meracalculator is the best because it
automatically finds with just a few data. You need to enter the details about
the value of x1, x2, y1, y2.

Once you enter the value, it
would automatically find the perpendicular bisector equation of the line.

For example, I entered the value
of (3,4) as (x1, x2) and (4,5) as (y1, y2) and instantly, I got the result as shown

2.    Onlinemath4all.com

This is another tool for those
who are finding the perpendicular bisector equation of a horizontal line. This
too requires some basic information for two points including x1, x2, y1, y2.
This is a free tool without any registration or any type of subscription.

In this calculator, we entered
the same value as in the above calculator which is (3,4) as (x1, x2) and (4,5)
as (y1, y2). And we got the answer as shown below:


In today’s world, the students as
well as the professionals have less time to perform their tasks. So, using the
online calculators, we can solve these equations within seconds and without any
errors. Manually doing so might involve the human or solving errors but do
through the online calculators is much better.

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