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 Among many social problems that our society is confronted with, deterioration of the primary relationship, that of the spouses, is highly alarming. This situation has taken a challenging position in our society, not only has it weaken our social values but is has also made the family structure quite fragile.  For all those who value the institution of family it is deeply disturbing. If the thread that ties two souls into a union and lays the foundation of family turns slender our society will start falling apart. Even in the countries where the institution of family is not that strong, one finds a revival of faith in the primacy of this institution. So the news those post marital problems are showing a steep rise in the Jammu and Kashmir. However, it must not pass off as an ordinary thing. It should stir our conscience and compel us to think over the situation. We need to explore the reasons that have led to this steep rise in the post marriage problems that ultimately lead to divorces and give birth to woeful tales of the children of broken families. The factors that result in spoiling the relation between spouses are varied and need to be tackled accordingly. In some cases elders can be held responsible for not allowing the spouses to have the required amount of freedom in the family. It leads to the suffocation of souls and as a result of it the bond between spouses comes under a tremendous pressure. In certain other cases poverty is the direct source of trouble. Still some other cases point towards a flawed way of making matches. All these factors contribute toward crisis. So if a solution is to be found to this problem it first needs to be understood in a total way and then alone can a remedy be suggested. Immediately families alone can contribute in curtailing and containing the crisis till a campaign at societal level takes off. By adhering to the teachings of compassion and forgiveness our family elders can in many cases save a relation from breaking. Also, adhering to the teachings of compassion and forgiveness and understanding our family structure can be saved.


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