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Hate to break it to you but it doesn’t. The test you linked is based on being able to make those connections. The ability of doing so correlates with having a highter IQ but does not paint the full picture. I go to a therapist for gifted people weekly, she explained to me that the people who are really good at making tests which require concentration and logical connections like the one you linked are not necessarily ‘exceptionally gifted’ or ‘profoundly gifted’. People who are EG or PG are identified by excelling in relatively complex things (for example; for me it was earth sciences like clouds etc.) rather than acing IQ-tests on the internet. To be identified as someone with a very high IQ can best be done by someone who thoroughly knows the characteristics of very gifted people. But, however, in this society its necessary to label everything with a superficial number like 160 so it seems more official:)

I recommend you to read articles from the Davidson Institute. I got some really important information about giftedness from their website.

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